Making of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’

Listen to Geoff MacCormack talk about his time with Bowie on the movie set, ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’

On the set of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’. David in space suit with Geoff. White Sands, New Mexico. 1975. (c) Geoff MacCormack

Transcript of interview:

Geoff: In order for me to hang around on the film, I would have got paid for it, yes I did get paid for it. I had a couple of jobs. One job was driving the Winnebago which I’d never driven before. I drove it from LA to Albuquerque in one hit, 800 miles. I don’t know why I didn’t just pull over and sleep in the double bed but I didn’t so that was one job I had on the film The other job was a stand-in, now, we were the same height basically David and I, but obviously my complexion was completely different and I didn’t have red hair.I think they got fed up with me even though they gave me a red wig, they got fed up with me after a while, mercifully, which gave me time to take all these pictures which was great. My other job, which I was good at, was morale booster. 

Interviewer: It’s quite a lot of waiting around on a film set isn’t it?

Geoff: People don’t understand, unless you actually been involved in a film, that it’s 99% hanging around and being bored, 1% action. That’s me morale boosting, and winding up. He’s trying not to smile.

Interviewer:  Why is he trying not to smile?

Geoff: He’s humouring me. It was horrible, he had to have these huge lenses put in his eyes.  It was really uncomfortable, it was nasty.

Interviewer:  Is that the actual contact lens? It’s enormous.

Geoff: Anyway so he wasn’t at his best at this point, he wasn’t feeling his most good humoured, he wasn’t his usual good-humoured self. So that’s me winding him up up and that’s him standing it to a degree but he could also see the funny side and he’s trying not to laugh, bless him.