Sunday dinners and old friends

Listen to Geoff MacCormack reflect back on more recent times spent with David Bowie.

Geoff and David at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photograph by Geoff’s wife Jo Clark. 2010, © Geoff MacCormack.

Transcript of interview:

Geoff: Yeah this shot was taken in 2010 and my wife Jo and I flew out to New York for a short break of 3 or 4 days and we happened to be like the fourth to last plane that left Heathrow, as the ash cloud went up in Iceland. Alll flying was bad after that for two weeks so luckily we booked a package at the Soho Grand, which is a nice hotel in New York, so they had to accommodate us for another 8 days. During this time David wasn’t busy so we were able to to hang out with him a lot and this particular photo was taken at MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art. David just said to Jo, my wife, ‘take a picture of us’. And that’s the shot. I would never have dreamed of saying, ‘Jo, can you take a picture of us’, because I just wouldn’t.

Interviewer: It doesn’t seem the dynamic you guys had?

Geoff: No no but it was his idea and he’s just said take a picture, so I’m really glad it was took.

Interviewer: Was this the last time that you saw him?

Geoff: No, we saw him again on the way back from Cuba. That was 3 years later, 2013, so after that it was just phone calls and emails. If you wanted to see him, apart from when he was working here and he’d come and have Sunday dinner with us and hang out with me in London, apart from then you could only get to see him in New York. So I was really glad I took the opportunity of doing that and take the time out to do that.

Interviewer: Do you miss him?

Geoff: Yeah, really. But all these pictures, I’m so glad I took them, because they live on and they’re him looking wonderful, being creative, being silly and it’s a good reflection of his character.