Womansplaining Football podcast

Podcast presenters Verity, Marta and Rosa

As part of the Goal Power! exhibition programme three young women, with a passion for football, collaborated with audio producer Charlotte Petts to create their own podcast.

Episode 1: In the lead up to the final match of the UEFA Women’s Euro in July 2022 Verity, Marta and Rosa discuss the stigma behind women’s football, the growth of the game, their experiences as young footballers and their thoughts on female football today:

Episode 2: In the second episode of Womansplaining Football Verity, Marta and Rosa consider the past, present and future; the impact of the UEFA Women’s Euro win, current news and controversy and looking forward to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and beyond, they discuss funding, access and advocacy for the women’s game:

Podcast presenters Verity and Marta

With thanks to National Heritage Lottery Funding for believing in this project and Lindsey Smith, arts facilitator and youth advocate.